What Is This

A one-stop golf improvement station


A machine and trainer to encourage the proper swing 
The Golf Fit Swing Master™ is a golf-specific workout system designed with the help of orthopedic surgeons, sports medicine physicians, golf teaching professionals and tour players. The Golf Fit Swing Master™ encourages a proper shoulder turn on the correct swing plane and strengthens every muscle used in an athletic, well coordinated swing.


Used and Recommended by Professionals

  • The ultimate dual-direction golf-specific stretching device for a more flexible, relaxed back-swing
  • Adjustable resistance to strengthen all the swing related muscles for increased power
  • Mechanically guided path to encourage and reinforce the correct swing plane and groove the muscle
  • memory for straighter, more consistent ball flight
  • Dynamic Rotational Resistance™ trains the muscle firing sequence for better swing tempo
  • Bio-mechanically engineered grip path develops proper hand position throughout the swing motion
  • Stand-up operation allows twisting crunches for a slimmer, more athletic build
  • Perfect for teens through seniors, men and women